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Bigpond Mobile WiFi 4G

We purchased a Bigpond Mobile Wifi 4g yesterday to replace our old USB dongle.  No problem with the sign-up which was completed at Telstra Geraldton or with the instalation.


Problems began yesterday evening when we tried to access the internet and email we managed a couple of very slow pages and then nothing.  During today everything has worked well but this evening same as yesterday, very limited to no internet access!  We turned on our old dongle and also tried using our mobile as a hotspot both worked fine.  Any ideas?  We thought we would update to a better service or at the very least the same - so far not at all happy that we can't use the internet in the evenings.



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Re: Bigpond Mobile WiFi 4G

Sorry I forgot to say that we are getting a DC signal with full bars.

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Re: Bigpond Mobile WiFi 4G

Exactly the same problem in wangaratta victoria. Happens in 4g mode, 3g mode and DC mode. Mainly in the evenings - slower than old fashioned dial up 64! Really fast during the afternoon. Anybody know if this is fixable?
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Re: Bigpond Mobile WiFi 4G

I would suggest a 4G antenna.


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Re: Bigpond Mobile WiFi 4G

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