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Broadband data

Good day. I received notifications at 02.20 this morning that I had used 50%, then at 2.27 am that it was now 100%. My mobile broadband device was switched off, my laptop was switched off and I have turned off all automatic downloads. It is impossible that I could have downloaded over 3 GB data at once, at that time. This must be an error, and I want it fixed

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Re: Broadband data

If it is a BigPond Mobile Broadband, the usage updates can be delayed up to 48 hours and often process in blocks. So if you used 3GB over the last 48 hours it might have processed all the data in one chunk overnight.

That being said, as this is a public forum if you feel the usage meter is wrong your best bet is to contact 133933 and speak to the BigPond Tech Support team so they can initiate and assist with investigation on the situation.


If it is a Go Mobile Broadband then that should update much more often and usually in less big chunks so for that one you want to call 132200 and say "mobile assurance" and they should be able to help.

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