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Buy more data for Wireless Broadband

Hi Guys


I am currently on the 12 gig Bigpond Ultimate Wireless Broadband plan. Unfortunately an update to a game failed on me and I had to repeat it, using around 8 gig in one session.. and still have 23 days to go Smiley Sad


Am I able to purchase more data? If so how do I do it and what are the prices availabe?


Thank you

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Re: Buy more data for Wireless Broadband

Here is a shortened version of an email that i got when i changed plans. I was so confused after following the link and still am.

Xxxxx, because you changed your plan on a date other than your normal anniversary date, the amount of Megabytes available for the new plan has been adjusted. This is based on the number of days left in your billing cycle. As your billing date is the 20th of each month and your plan change occurred on the 29/xx, your usage had been shortened by 9 days.

This means your usage allowance and plan fees have been recalculated. For more details on how the recalculation of your usage and charges is worked out click: https://go.telstra.com.au/helpandsupport/-/your-usage-allowance-after-changing-plans

Good luck on changing plans.

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Re: Buy more data for Wireless Broadband

Hi and thanks Allinone


I don't think I explained myself very well, my apologies.


I'm not looking to change or upgrade my plan as of yet. I'm going to need more data for the month since I used 8 gig of download in one day. (The net disconnected 89% through the 4 gig download, so had to start again). With 12 gig for the month, it only leaves me 4 gig to play with for roughly 23 days to go.


This is where I was hoping to find out if I can purchase more data to get me through the month, and at what cost.



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Re: Buy more data for Wireless Broadband

Sorry, it's possible I'm in the wrong section. Sorry for your troubles

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Re: Buy more data for Wireless Broadband

12GB was the highest plan available for Bigpond Wirless Broadband however they have recently changed this to 15GB.  You might be able to call Bigpond Customer Support on 137 663 and see if they can update your Bigpond service to the newer data and pricing.  It will only increase your data limit for the month by a little bit.  But that is all you can do unfortunately.


Alternatively,  If you have an ABN you could take up Telstra Mobile Broadband Plan ( Business equivialent of Bigpond) and they have higher data plans if you need it.

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Re: Buy more data for Wireless Broadband

As has been said a 15Gb plan is now available, this replaced the 12Gb plan, note it will cost you $10 more.  


There are no data blocks you can buy to top up your monthly data, I have asked.... and asked... but still no...not that I think we should not need to either, larger plans are what should be provided <puts on flame suit>


Downloading massive files like what you said is not what mobile internet is for and you will risk drop outs like that more and more with mobile broadband (I hate calling it that - ours is not mobile as it needs power to connect to it - there needs to be a set of 'Home Fixed Wireless' plans... will never happen until the NBN is here).  If you need massive downloads get a friend that has cable/adsl to do it for you and stick it on a DVD... 


Oh if you change to the 15GB plan now assuming you have 22 days left you will get a bit of a boost in your data by taking advantage of the Bigpond pro rata system.   15GB / 31 = 0.484gb, so 22 days at 0.484gb per day is 10.64Gb more - not too bad and that should tie you over for the rest of the month Smiley Happy.  That assumes you go through the rest of your data now ;}



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Re: Buy more data for Wireless Broadband

Did you ever get a reply to this as I would like to buy more data some months without changing my plan.

Seem to get no sense ringing Bigpond as well.

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