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Can't activate post paid SIM

I signed up to a New mobile data post paid plan, during the sign up I was offered the option to setup billing, but when it got to that page it said it wasn't working and to come back later.


Today I received a SIM is a Postbag, and nothing else, if I try to active it, but I need a Mobile number.


I have just spent 20 minutes going in circles with Telstra's chat help AKA Customer firewall.


So hopefully Someone here can help??

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Re: Can't activate post paid SIM

Did you get any help with this issue. I am having the same problem ordered a sim only service online. It arrived in an envelope with nothing else. Now can’t activate my sim as never received a mobile number. So frustrated. No reply to my text messages to Telstra 

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Re: Can't activate post paid SIM

Same problem here too.  Ordered a new service along with 5G Wi-fi Pro device with the device and sim card arriving in the same package but with nothing else and no emails. 

Sim card won't activitate, no idea what the number is (although can confirm 5G device works as tested it out with a sim from an older 4G service!)

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