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Can't connect to or telstra.wifi.4g

I want to unlock my prepaid telstra 4g wifi modem MF91. 


The telstra unlocking team have provided me with an unlocking code with instructions to go to either or http://telstra.wifi.4g and enter the unlocking code (on only a Windows computer). 


I only have access to Mac computers at home, so I went to Telstra shop and they couldn't access the abovementioned websites on their windows computers. 


I went to my local library windows computers and I also cannot access the abovementioned websites on that windows computer for similar reasons as experienced by the Telstra shop staff.


I get the following message:


WebMarshal Proxy was unable to reach the host

A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond.

This can be caused by:
    Bad or misspelled URL
    Following an invalid link
    Problems with your network connection and/or transient conditions on the Internet


I have a new SIM card in the telstra wifi 4g modem ready to go as specified as required by the Telstra unlocking team.


Thanks for your help.

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Re: Can't connect to or telstra.wifi.4g

have you connected to the wifi device or just connected to the network of the library.


You need to be directly connected to the wifi device and make sure you have no proxy set up on your pc

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Re: Can't connect to or telstra.wifi.4g

Hi Glenn 


Thanks for your response. I was connected via the library internet.  


The telstra unlocking team told me I must have the SIM from the other network in the wifi device when attempting to unlock the device.... how would I connect to the internet via the wifi device with the new SIM inserted, when the device is still locked? ie the device states on it's screen that the SIM is locked.  


The only way to connect to the internet via the wifi device is to re-insert my telstra prepaid SIM.


I'm unsure if the library computers and the telstra shop computers have a proxy set up.  According to my limited understanding of proxies, I guess it's possible there may be a proxy on the library computer. I have a user id and password to log onto the library computer.  The library may monitor the content of users to insure users conform to the library's acceptable use policy.


Similarly this may be an issue at the telstra shop to monitor employees browsing? Could this be the case in the telstra shop?  


If there is a proxy preventing access to both computers, I have no other options to access a windows computer at present.  


What are my options if this is the case?







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Re: Can't connect to or telstra.wifi.4g

Try live chat https://livechat.telstra.com/TCOM:Crowdsupport:Consumer

But I am sure you can't access those sites unless you are connect to the Wifi device.

Keep the other network's SIM in the device you will still be able to access the site required

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