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Caravan Mobile Wi-Fi


I have RV Wi-Fi +4GX device (see https://www.rvwifi.com.au/) fitted as standard in our Nova van.  At home I use Telstra Mobile Internet via a Nighthawk M1 Mobile Router connected to an aerial on the roof.

Is there a way to join that Nighthawk router to the RV Wi-Fi?  I expect that would allow me to make use of my home mobile internet allowance while we are away and make use of the RW Wi-Fi's external antenna, its power supply, and its connection to the installed TV in the van.

I would appreciate any advice you can give me.


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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Caravan Mobile Wi-Fi

Take the SIM out of the Nighthawk and put it into the RV Wi-Fi unit.


Although looking at the device, it might have a WAN port, so you could plug the LAN port of the Nighthawk into the WAN port of the RV Wi-Fi and then you would need to configure the RV Wi-Fi to use the WAN rather than the wireless connectivity.

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