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Cellphone warranty

Hi everyone,  I have a cellphone on contract and notice it has a pixel damage to the bottom of the screen. It has a screen protector and case so no external damage. I have sent several messages to telatra and every person says a diff story. Is this covered by warranty or not and if so how do I get this repaired?

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Re: Cellphone warranty

How old is the handset and how bad is the damage?


Did you purchase an additional insurance when you got the phone? Just having a device on a repayment plan has no implied insurance other than general 'fit for purpose' consumer protection.


If you think it is damage that was likely to have been there since manufacture, it might be a hard process. Telstra will want to assess the device and will ask you to submit it to them for that purpose, it might then go to the manufacturer or Telstra will advise you to take the matter up with the manufacturer. Telstra will probably charge you for their assessment, regardless of outcome.


A couple of years I had a device that suddenly burst into flame when on a wireless charging stand - Telstra wanted to see it but of course it was a charred mess. So I took Telstras advice and contacted the manufacturer. There was not a lot of success there initially - there had been no other reports apparently (which is odd, I found lots of others in forums and such places, including a user support group on the manufacturers own website). It took a lot of 'discussion' back and forth..  in the end I had to engage a lawyer and the ACCC..  took months and months but eventually I did receive a replacement device (and a bag of goodies to compensate for the time and inconvenience). But I am still wary of that brand! So, what I am saying bis basically be sure you consider the issue serious enough to make you want to go down that path, it will be difficult and you could be without a phone for some time. 

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