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change password

I have aportable wireless 4G modem and would like to know how to change the password on it. I was told by Telstra to log into but that will not connect. Have tried over a few days. I can connect to my Netgear settings which is but not the Telstra IP address.

thanks for any help

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Re: change password

Hi Laura,

Welcome to Crowd Support!

First of all can you try to get to the IP after disconnecting yourself from your Netgear network? If they share the same IP it can conflict depending on how the devices are connected. Secondly can you clarify if it's a Telstra or BigPond device?

Telstra devices can access the device interface by navigating to http://telstra.4g

BigPond devices can access the device via

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Re: change password

This simple http://telstra.4g link was not working for me but this link does: http://telstra.wifi.4g/login.asp


Finally, sucess! Smiley Happy

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