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Data top up

We have no alternative other than to use a Mobile Broadband plan for our Home Broadband, and suffer the appalling  data limits imposed on these devices. To my delight the 24x7 App informed me that we could get 3 data top ups a year, and subsequently this was confirmed by Telstra in one of their shops (they knew we used a mobile device). We are about to run out of data 5 days before the end of our billing cycle, but when I attempted to use the free data top up it won't work. Google suggests that this might be because we dont have a fixed broadband service, despite the 24x7 App offering it, and despite being told by Telstra staff that we had access to it. Can someone please clarify.

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Re: Data top up

Hi Dan, data top ups of that nature  are available for Fixed home Broadband plans.


If you are, which I suspect on a Go Mobile plan, this is the arrangement for them. If you go over your monthly data allowance, a 1GB block of Extra Data will be automatically applied to your plan for just $10, to be used before the end of the billing month. And if you want to use more, Telstra  charge you another $10 for every additional 1GB you use after that.


I'd refer you to this previous CS thread on this same subject: http://crowdsupport.telstra.com.au/t5/Mobile-Broadband-3G-4G/Mobile-Broadband-Top-Up/td-p/407873



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NB: I am NOT a Telstra employee, just another customer like you.
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Re: Data top up

Hi Jeff


Thanks for the info. We are not on a GO Mobile Plan, we are on a Bigpond Mobile Plan. This Plan is shaped when we exceed our monthly limit, and we don't get access to the 1GB per $10. Our only option is to increase our plan from 15GB to 25GB at significant cost.


Its pretty poor form for Telstra to confgure the App so that it gives mobile "home" broadbnad users the impression that they can get the data top up. At the very least some words in brackets in the text saying "excludes mobile broadband users" would have been helpful. Its even worse that when I went in to a Telstra shop, staff confirmed that we would have access to it when they knew we were on a Bigpond mobile broadband plan. Our usage this month was undertaken on the basis that we could top up our data limit by the equivalent amount of our plan (15GB), and now we face the next 5 days of virtually useless home broadband. This is entirely due to Telstra's sloppy and incorrect communication, and is pretty poor form from them.


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Re: Data top up

I am having the same problem. About 2 weeks ago I downloaded telstra's 24x7 app and checked my usage as we had been slowed down to less then dial up speed (nothing opens ).  And was over the noon to see the "NEED MORE DATA OPTION" so I when our new billing month came around I thought I would finally be able to do all of the much needed updates to my phone and computer.... BUT then when I tried to aply the free data update it failed....


SO NOW WHAT IS MY OPTIONs - I want a data upgrade for once OR even better to be able the get ADSL


It is so unfair that again and again the same people get ALL the new upgrades. If my house was just 1km down the road my home internet would have been upgraded from ADSL to ADSL 2 and soon the NBN, I would be able to bundle my home phone with my internet. It would be much cheaper and I could get anywhere from 20gb upto unlimitied internet...PLUS be able to get 3 FREE data grades a year.   I AM SO FED UP WITH THIS


I PAY ..............$80 a month to TELSTRA for 15gb of internet

                        $30 a month for home phone rental

                        PLUS phone calls ( pay for all phone calls i make )


Then once we run out of data I use ALDI-moblie so the family can use the internet for school ect... for the rest of the month

                       $50 for 6gb  


SO MY TOTAL each mouth is around $160 plus phone calls


How much would it cost me if I lived in a city




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Re: Data top up



You may want to consider the 25GB plan for the $160 price, its an exra 4GB than what you have now (15+6).


I know that's not much comfort, we are in the same situation.  We have the 25GB plan for $160, 2 mobiles with 6GB Each for $70 each and another with 3GB.  So a total of 40GB for $335.00 per month.  it is outrageous but this is actually what Telstra wants, hence why they are not interested in providing more data.

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Re: Data top up

I feel like I'm living in the technological dark ages, only having limited data which does not allow my family to enjoy the benefits of the Internet. I've resigned myself to the fact that not being able to get NBN or ADSL is the price I pay to live where we live. I'm not happy about it because we were told by our local Telstra store that we could get ADSL and then when the technician finished connecting our landline he informed us that the lines were too old and we were too far away from the exchange so no, we were never going to be able to get ADSL. Again it boils down to being told one thing by someone and something different by someone else. We've just been offered the new go mobile broadband plan with the extra 1gb of data for $10 when we go over our 8gb, rather than the shaping that happens once we reach our data limit now. My husband assured the sales consultant that once we got close to the data limit we would hide the modem (or whatever it's called) in the cupboard as he refuses to pay more than what we currently have to pay.

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