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drop out with Google Maps

Recently whenever I specifically go to Google Maps or access a site with a google map embedded in it my internet connection "drops out".  I am using a BP Elite USB Sierra Wireless 306 modem and my web browser is IE9 with my operating system being Vista.  I do not believe I have recently updated any software other than the usual Microsoft updates.  I have also scanned the computer and no viruses were indicated.  There was an old reference to a similar issue on the web referring to port numbers but I couldn't comprehend it and it didn't seem to relate to anything visible via BP Connection manager (NB:I have the current version of that).  General web browsing is OK.  Any help appreciated.

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Telstra (Retired)

Re: drop out with Google Maps

Hey ITnovice,


Not an issue that we have hear much of sorry Smiley Sad


One of the things that you can do is check if you have the same issues using a different web browser like Chrome or Mozilla and see if you have the same issues. If you can access the sites with Google maps then it is more than likely an issue with the IE. You may have to purge your cookies and temp files for the IE program to ensure this works with the maps sites in the future.

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