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G dongle

Hi, my son is working in Melbourne, and needs a reliable Internet service that will not keep dropping out!!, he lives in Vic 3184 Elwood, the map says it should work, but we don't want to blow $299 on a dongle that will provide no better service than he has at the moment!!!, can anybody give me a definitive answer?

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Re: G dongle

hi Kite-Kit


It's great to see that you are looking for a reliable internet service for your son, while he is residing in Melbourne.  With our Mobile Broadband Next G services, we can provide the best and fastest mobile broadband available in Australia, and this will soon be updated to the new and amazing speeds of the 4G Network.


Your son can choose from a USB to allow for portability or a Home Network Gateway modem, if he is looking for a connection that he will only use at home, which can also connect more than one computer or device to the internet at a time. 


Even more exciting is the fact that if you or your son choose to take up one of these devices and a plan, on a 24 month contract, you may be eligible to receive a full rebate of $299 for the USB, or $100 off the cost of the Home Network Gateway, which is normally priced at $299, but on a 24 month contract would be $199. 

I am providing you with a link to our Website, so you can view all the relevant information.

If you do require any further information you can contact us via our 24 hour Live Chat team


or by calling 1800220030 

Lindy in Adelaide Smiley Happy


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Re: G dongle

4G is a fast growing rollout but even if no 4G right now it will fall back to 3G, the end user feedback also seems to suggest that the 3G offered by the device is about as capable as it can get, quicker than comparable 3G devices at least so even if no 4G right now he should be able to get the best of what 3G can offer at that location

is he using Telstra 3G now? If not and he has access to a suitable 3G handset (friend perhaps?) on Telstra if it gets good 3G at his location then he should be fine by all accounts for 3G access and have the ability to do the faster 4G when and where applicable
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