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Getting PUK code while being outside Australia

Hi there.

Currently I am in the Europe and need to unlock my phone.

I bought prepaid sim and my written PUK code is on the starter in the Australia


I tried to:
* use livechat, but its not working. (after clicking, pop-up window is showing and asking to wait, and there is no change after 10 minutes)
* call landline (+61 125 111, +61 439 125 11, +61 13 22 00, +61 101 258 887), but none of these number provided by Telstra are working. To be exact: a few numbers are cancelling conversation after few beeps and rest of the numbers are not valid

* use webservice ( I am receiving

The following requires your attention before proceeding

We cannot identify the MOBILE NUMBER you have entered. If your account number is 13 digits, please check the mobile number entered and try again. If your account number is less than 13 digits, we will not be able to retrieve your PUK code via this service. Please call 125111 (postpaid mobile) or 1258887 (Pre-Paid mobile) or visit your Telstra Shop for assistance.

My telephone number I provided have 10 (ten) digits, and its starting with zero. (0 410 ** ** **)


Can somebody help me?

Thanks in advance.

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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: Getting PUK code while being outside Australia

The only other way I can think of is if you are registered for Telstra MyAccount it should also be listed under the service ID in there as well.

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