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High ping on Xbox one, Telstra 4g


i have been using the Telstra 4g network to game over the last 12 months! It has been up and down but I havnt had much else to choose from based on my location !

i am using an Xbox one, netgear nighthawk mr1 4g modem connected via Ethernet 


recently  my ping/latency has increased drastically to make my connection almost unusable for gaming!

Sitting around 250ms but spiking way higher 

Iam not sure what is caused the issue nothing has change and I disable WiFi so no other devices can use the modem when I play! 
started looking for another service at this stage but will stop if it can be resolved 





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Re: High ping on Xbox one, Telstra 4g

Do you know what sort of signal strength you are getting - from the modem user interface is probably the best place. How many bars are showing.


Have you done the usual power cycle, check for updates etc. troubleshooting? Is it only the one device connected to the modem or do you have a local switch attached with other devices connected to that?

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