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Horrible service.

I just had the worst Customer Serice from Telstra, here's the backstory and their response: Last month I purchased 30$/3gb data pack for the iPad, via phone, because the "My accounts" page was playing up. 3gb is a lot for me, I usually get 20$/1gb, so I spoiled myself and still had 800mb left. Now just 3 days ago I tried to recharge my service so I could keep the 800mb and get another 1gb. The website was down again. I was too busy to call them at that time. So I called today to recharge and hopefully get the previous credit rolled over. After 40 minutes of bouncing between people, I was told that I somehow used up the last of the credit in 23 hours time. Impossible. I was given 15 minutes of free data so I could recharge. Do they not understand? The website is broken for me. I could not recharge anyway. TLDR: The accounts page is broken, the support just don't grasp the fact that I couldn't recharge (and still can't), they don't want to roll over my previous credit as well. The lady was manipulative in trying to make me believe that I blew 800mb in 1 day (oh hey, I was at work from 7 till 5 that day) Is there anything I can do? I really don't want to switch to Vodaptus.

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Re: Horrible service.

Can you tell me what page you are accessing to try and use MyPrepaid on your iPad? I've had customers as little as 2 days ago who could access the site fine ( or ).


Are you connecting via a WiFi network, or the 3G network?


Can you try and Clear the Cache and cookies in Safari (this is done via settings, Safari off the top of my head) and see if that has any improvement.






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Re: Horrible service.

Thank you for the reply.

As the service rep asked me to turn off wifi, I did (for the whole process).

I get this screen when I try access and others. His happened last month as well, and I had to recharge via phone/credit card.

What I don't understand is, why the lady on the phone lied to me that I used up 800mb in one day. I am just mentally, physically, and theoretically incapable of doing that. On an iPad. And I didnt. Because I was at work all day and the iPad was connected to wifi, doing nothing.

Second, I don't understand why she couldn't transfer the previous 800mb that got rolled over onto this month. I tried recharging well before the monthly deadline and the website didn't let me. It cost Telstra nothing to do it.

Also, the lady spoke really fast towards the end. I studied law and justice for 1.5 years, and I know that trick, where a person starts mumbling just to get out of a situation. It doesn't work. And finally, I spoke to 3 people and none of them wanted to recharge for me with my credit card. What is this shenanigans?!

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