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How to connect secondary connections using Wifi

Hi all,


I've had the Sierra 4G Wireless modem (connected to my PC with a USB) for around 3 months. Being in a rural area before the 4G wireless I was with HarbourIT (satellite). When I rang to cancel with them they said they'd need it in writing and that it could take up to 3 months for my account to be closed. Because I was being charged my son kept using it for his laptop and my daughter's laptop was in need of repair which she just finished today. Yesterday my HarbourIT account was finally cancelled, and because my daughter's laptop was up and running and she's quite savvy with computers she decided that she would set up a wireless connection to the 4G. Initially she connected the modem to the laptops USB port and installed the BigPond Mobile Broadband application. Afterwards she disconnected the modem and tried to connect to it, but the manager just kept telling her it was unable to detect the 4G device. She searched on the help desk part of the Bigpond site but found little to assist her.


We had a lot of trouble getting on to this 4G account. First Telstra sent a completely wireless 4G modem (not connected by USB), which my PC could not connect to. Unfortunately I was a little quick to complain to Telstra so they told me to send the product back. My daughter told me not to because she knew we could get a USB wireless adapter from Officeworks, which I went and bought. She set up the account and she asked me for my account name and password, but what I had been given was incorrect. I rang Telstra and they said that account had been cancelled and they were sending another product. I told them we had it all working but the lady told me that if I didn't send the product back I would be fined just over $300. So, unhappily my daughter packed it up and sent it back. Then we got the first 4G wireless USB modem. But it had to be sent back because there was a fault, and so they finally sent us this last USB modem, which worked just fine. The lady said that whenever we were ready the laptops could be connected. She said it was a quick process and very easy. 


Well it hasn't been an easy process and the laptops are still not connected. We all have 64.bit Windows 7 operating systems. Can my daughter set up the wireless connections or will we have to buy a further product such as a router to get everything connected? 


Any help with this product would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all.

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Re: How to connect secondary connections using Wifi

Can you please indicate from http://telstra.com.au/internet/mobile-broadband-bigpond-liberty-plans/index.htm#tab-wifi4g which device you have?




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Re: How to connect secondary connections using Wifi

Sorry about that. It's been so confusing since the first one I had was the Mobile Wireless 4G (the one that my daughter said I could purchase a WiFi USB adapter for from Officeworks). Right now I have the second one: USB 4G

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