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how to unlock pre paid internet router

Hi all,

I have a pre paid mobile internet router. I ran out of credit and a friend offered to lend me her sim which was not a Telstra sim. The router would not accept the sim. Does this mean the service is locked to only Telstra sims and can it be unlocked.

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Re: how to unlock pre paid internet router

Yes, most prepaid devices from Telstra are locked to their network (SIM)..


They can be unlocked, but at a cost.. I think $100 for devices less than 6 months  and $27.50 for the older ones


If you can find the device in your My Account or through the My Telstra app, you can try the Manage my plan..  link and see if there is an option to get the unlock code..


If not, you'll have to go through the My Telstra app, Help and click on the blue chat bubble..  type Unlock and then wait - it might take a while to get a response...

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Re: how to unlock pre paid internet router

Hi Jen561,


Yes, the Pre-Paid mobile broadband device is locked to Telstra.



You could try calling Telstra on 132200 and choose the "Technical" option. If they can't help they should be able to transfer you to someone who can.

If this doesn't work you’ll need to send a message via the My Telstra App (blue icon in the Get Help section, bottom right of the screen).


You'll see the below wording in the above link:

You can unlock your Telstra Pre-Paid mobile, iPhone or mobile broadband devices so they work on another network. If your service has been active for over two years, we don’t charge an unlocking fee, but if your service has been active for less than two years, we charge: 

  • $80 for devices that have never been activated, or active for six months or less
  • $25 for devices activated for six months to two years 
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