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Internet Issues Forster Tuncurry

Can anyone shed any light on why mobile broadband is so appalling in Forster Tuncurry and has been so since Xmas. Running SpeedTest gives 772 ms to ping Telstra Sydney and then a whopping 0.11 Mbps Upload and 0.49 Mbps Download.


I'm running a Nighthawk M1 which is showing 2 bars of 4G connection and the issue is not with that ... ping to our dongle averages 7ms with no packet losses.


We haven't been able to run our Telstra TV because it either times out or can't reach a server and the Telstra Shop can only say 'to many tourists, to much congestion, to little bandwith ...' which is really cold comfort given that our bill will still arrive as and when it falls due - problem is I won't be able to log into my bank and pay the bloody thing via BPay!

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Re: Internet Issues Forster Tuncurry

It seems one of those "unfixable" issues.

It might be worth getting a $2 or $5 Optus or Vodafone prepaid sim to compare, which the supermarkets sell.

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Re: Internet Issues Forster Tuncurry

We were here between Apr-Aug under Covid lockdown as we're from WA and having been travelling for 30 mths. Didn't have an issue then and no problems over Sep-Dec in Port Mac but it's been appalling for the past 2 weeks, unless you're up and on from 3:00-6:00 AM.

But you're right, it's just one of those grin and bear it situations 🙄

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