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Internet portable modem

i had 12.7 gb and the portable internet was not responding and not working so I restarted it and it claimed it needed a recharge. When I looked on the usage it claims I used 12.7 gb when I had no background or anything downloads and the only apps running were instagram, Snapchat and youtube. Normally I get through 2-4 gb per day using these apps. This is ridiculous and I have tried seeking help through the support teams but they claim it is my fault and will not compensate me. This is extremely frustrating because I live remotely and pay a significant amount for data recharges every 11-12 days $50 each time. I have done this for at least a year. It is my only internet access and with assessment due tomorrow I will not be able to complete it as Telstras terrible customer service can not help. I’m sorry but this is terrible. I provided all possible information but they kept guiding me towards “I can show you how to recharge” “can you put the sim in another service and see the balance” I know the balance is 0 but I haven’t used it. It’s a fault and I need it compensated as soon as possible I’m sorry for the rant but this is terrible 

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Re: Internet portable modem

Like how can they not compensate. I’ve spent at least $1000 on recharges with this service and it has not once offered me data bonuses or anything. I can screenshot recharge histories and upload if necessary!

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Internet portable modem

If you want it investigated, you will need to lodge a formal complaint via https://telstra.com/complaints


The frontline consultants are quite limited in what they can do.


If you are working on a Windows computer, you can check what has been using the data by going in to Settings->Data Usage and it can give you a breakdown by app.


Also, if you are using the mobile broadband as a regular data source, given the amount that you are recharging it might be better if you went on the $50 post paid plan (or even the 100GB for $75). You get 50GB per month with no excess data charges (you just get speed limited to 1.5Mbps after you reach the limit).


Those plans have no contract period on them, so you can leave at any time if you wish.

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