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Internet/wifi stopped working

My internet/wifi stopped working Wednesday evening after my Nighthawk M2 router had to do a software update.


It then kept repeatedly restarting itself and failing to show as an available network for my computer or TV.

When it does briefly appear as an available network for my computer it says 'cannot connect to this network' then disappears again, and router restarts itself.


Live chat with telstra Friday told me there was an outage in my area which should be resolved 6am Saturday.

It is now 7pm Sunday and i am still having this issue.


I have tried restarting, factory resetting, software updating and reinserted sim.

Am now waiting on telstra live chat yet again.


Anyone have any idea what the issue is??



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Re: Internet/wifi stopped working

You could try disconnecting all cables, powering off, removing the battery and leaving it off for an hour or so, then refit the battery, power it on with battery only  and see if the modem starts up properly. Don't try to connect anything until it does..


If the modem is OK, you can connect power and and try one device to connect to it.. if OK then try the others..

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Re: Internet/wifi stopped working

You can monitor outages on the Telstra Outage website.

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