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Looking for assistance to rectify outage

Hi All,


TL: DR - looking for a local / Australian Telstra contact who can assist with information regarding mobile internet outage since 30th July.


After 18 days of having no success with utilising 132200 number in relation to internet outage and being told there is no way I can get in contact with any local teams to get some clear answers, I have resorted to spamming every Telstra communication pathway with a plea of assistance.

Please see my message via the CEO contact page


Please refer to INC 15594795


As a regional community in lockdown we have had ongoing mobile and internet outages since 30th July. With limited infrastructure this is our only means (besides satellite) to access the internet in a time we can’t leave home.


This is impacting both work and education requirements.


The response to multiple contacts with the service and complaints team has been unsatisfactory.


We were advised that there was a ‘planned’ outage of the tower which was due to be complete on 4th August. When this did not resolve we were then advised maintenance was being conducted until 15th August.


We are still without access to appropriate mobile and internet services.


The process where the consumer firstly is not informed of planned outages/maintenance is unsatisfactory. To then require the customer to advise Telstra of ongoing downtime rather than Telstra closing the loop is again unsatisfactory.


As you can appreciate we are all in difficult times and it is only reasonable to expect that if an essential service such as internet is interrupted that the customer would be adequately engaged.


This would allow us make alternative arrangements (even more so, potentially allow the ISP to assist their customers with those arrangements) rather than infuriating them by needing to contact service teams who then fail to have any appropriate pathways to help resolve or inform the customer on the issues at hand.


Can I please ask that I am contacted with


1. The true and actual problem with the service

2. A detailed timeframe on the expected pathways to the service being restored.


This will allow me to make an informed decision on what I need to do to keep my child in line with school expectations and manage our work capabilities which has a direct affect on our household income.


Please be advised that I have lodged a complaint with the TIO.

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Re: Looking for assistance to rectify outage

You have not mentioned your location.


Please look at the Telstra outages webpage and report here what it states, for your location.

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Re: Looking for assistance to rectify outage

Hi Dowser,


I’m in NSW. The outage is not visible on any website. Although it has been confirmed by the service teams as planned outage and then maintenance.


The original outage was not on the website as it was planned. I was told they did not have to put planned outages on the website (told by service desk team)



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Level 22: Superhuman

Re: Looking for assistance to rectify outage

I seem to be lucky enough to get advance notice, by SMS on my registered mobile contact number of planned and actual outages, including advice when those works are completed..  I thought that might have happened for everyone?

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Level 22: Superhuman

Re: Looking for assistance to rectify outage

Regarding your request to be informed about the problem and resolution timeframe, you could put those queries to Telstra Support.

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