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M1 Nighthawk firmware update

Same query as last time. How do you update the firmware on a Telstra MR1100 Nighthawk? Netgear emailed me about "important security update" with v12.06.08.00 on 21 Dec. But I cannot update from the Netgear website 'cos I've got a Telstra supplied device see. 24/7 support told me to take device into a Telstra shop to get it updated! Really they did! Does Telstra do OTA updates? If so, when is this one going to happen?

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Re: M1 Nighthawk firmware update

Hello rabbieb,

I received exactly the same "software update" email advice, impossible to d/l from Netgear, called Telstra: spent 2 gruelling hours, speaking with 5 "telstra" operatives, each one advisng they were transferring me to "technical" operator: one told me: "software would be uploaded tonight or tomorrow, my choice & must have 5Gb of data available!", another gave me a link to: 

https://www.netgear.com.au/home/products/mobile-broadband/mobilerouters/M1.aspx, said "look for GET support and click on it", did that, "GET support" redirects to: https://www.netgear.com/support/product/mr1100telstra?_ga=2.113970247.1367967644.1578289460-31726685...

MR1100 Telstra – Nighthawk M1 Mobile Router
Model / Version: MR1100 Telstra
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Re: M1 Nighthawk firmware update

Yep same process I went through but I bailed after they said to take it into the shop - translation - we don't know the answer so we're passing the buck. I don't think Telstra has an actual Tech Support Dept. I think they're hoping CrowdSupport will be their tech desk. 

I reset my M1 to stay on permanently - been a few days now - still no OTA update. And I still have no confirmation that Telstra does OTA updates for the M1. 

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Re: M1 Nighthawk firmware update

I'd think twice about following that email firmware update.
I updated my firmware as instructed in the email, and the end result is that my MR1100 now displays "Data Usage Info Unavailable At This Time" (permanently!)
Seems the update is not intended for Telstra MR1100 version.
When is Telstra going to fix this with Netgear and release a Telstra version?
Until then the only way to see how much data you have left is to log in to your Telstra account.
I had no issues with my Netgear MR1100 Telstra version until that email recommending a firmware update, so think twice about following it. 

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