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Mobile b/band dongle

For a few years I have used my Telstra 4g dongle with varying degrees of performance. How ironic that when a telstra survey was sent to me two days ago which I completed my 4g dongle has started to misbehave and is now dropping out after 5 mins use.  I guess my assessment of the service level was not satisgactory

Has anyone else had this experience ?

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Re: Mobile b/band dongle

I dunno if Telstra can reach out that far!!  Smiley Happy


For those sorts of dropout problems there could be several reasons, a device issue, a tower issue (upgrades are happening everywhere with the 5G rollout) or just congestion..  Is this just occurring in one place or have you tried it in other locations with possibly a different tower?


Have you tried a different SIM?



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Not with Telstra, just another customer like you!
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Re: Mobile b/band dongle

I have a very old dongle 4g.   I just returned to Oz after 1 year away.  About 3 months ago my old plan was changed to the new plan and my $890 credit was rolled into extra data.  My dongle has stopped showing me my account balance and is frozen on 7.39 gigs remaining.  But other than that mines working properly.  I’m in downtown Sydney 

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