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Mobile broadband progressively getting worse, had 30mbps at first, down to between 10 and 1mbps

I feel like my mobile broadband on my 4GX device is progressively getting worse, and I've contacted telstra many times - you know the drill turn it off and on again, yea ok cue scene in 'The It Crowd'. When I first got the 4GX mobile broadband was getting speeds of up to 30mbps and was great but was going through the 200gb per month too fast so upgraded to 400gb and that's when it went downhill, the speeds were not as fast and now recently some days I get 1mbps on and off during the day and at most between 10mbps and 15mbps, spent 3 hours online chat with telstra and got nowhere. Is there any point contacting telstra or do you just have to live with 1mbps internet, web pages don't even load at that speed, I'm stressing because I need the net for Uni, and paying $75 a month for this sham mobile broadband, it's a farce as they don't care or do anything and trust me it was good when I first got it.


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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Mobile broadband progressively getting worse, had 30mbps at first, down to between 10 and 1mbps

Depending on when you took up the Mobile Broadband service, it is quite possible that congestion is playing a factor. More people are using more data since Covid arrived.


If the speed reductions are occurring in a specific location, then you could send an email to basestation.enquiries@team.telstra.com with your contact details, the location that the problem is occurring, the model of the device you are using and when the problem started to occur.


They may be able to offer an answer or at least check out the towers in your area to see if there is a problem.

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