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Mobile Broadband usage


I am visiting Australia pretty often. Last year, I bought a Telstra Mobile 4G. When I left Australia there was still a little bit left on my credit. When returning 30 June 2015, within hours, that credit was consumed, and I purchased data for $ 100.00. Actually not a clue how many GB's that were. On 7 July 2015 I checked my usage and it said I used since 30 June  2.44G and further there was an amount stated of $ 50.46. When I checked today, it said I used 2.499 GB and the amount was still $50.46. When I looked at my  "credit remaining" it said I had $ 100.00 till 24 November 2015 and 7.59 GB till 28 September 2015. I really don't understand all this. Does it mean in a week's time I used up 2.499 GB which is the equivalent of $ 50.46. And why if the GB ussage increased to 2.499, the amount still remained $ 50.46. Why at "credit remaining" it says I still have an amount of $ 100.00 and data of 7.59 GB. I went to a Telsttra shop but they could not help me to check what is my usage and what is my remaining credit. What should I do to get this information? Thanks Confused6.

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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Mobile Broadband usage

Hi there,


Without having the ability to look at your specifically, I would be jumping onto our Live Chat team who would be able to offer you an explanation -


- Con 

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