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Mobile broadband

bought a new Dell Inspiron computer with windows 8.1 and can not connect to the internet with Telstra USB 4G, even it shows that it is connected to broadband but can not activate windows or any other internet connection.  Had a Dell technician here for 2 hours, changed wireless card and motherboard, but did not make a difference, he left and suggested there might be an incompatability problem, did anyone have similar problems? and how to fix it??

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Re: Mobile broadband

As we suggested to you on your previous post about the same thing:


On the Dell go into network connections, the IPV4 properties of the wifi connection, set the MANUAL DNS settings button on and then put as the primary DNS server and as the secondary DNS server, click apply, switch to a browser and see if you can now browse the net.


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Re: Mobile broadband

Hi Deanja,

tried your suggestions but could not get the IPV 4 properties of wi-fi connections as you have outlined.

However checked connection status and came out with " Telstra Mobil Internet access, Status connected Signal Strength Excellent" then checked Windows Network diagnostics came out as " Troubleshooting completed, Problem found: computer correctly configured, but device resource (dell13msn.com) is not responding"

So from here I am still searching for answers, as I even can not use the computer without Internet, as windows is not activated and can not be activated without internet connection.



Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Mobile broadband

Hi Walter,


To follow Jeffs instructions, do a web search on: how to manually configure DNS on Windows 8.1.


Assuming that this Mobile Broadband device was previously registered and working on another computer; if Jeffs instructions don't resolve the issue, then please use an alternate internet service to make sure you have the latest firmware and drivers available.


BigPond 4G USB device is the Aircard 320U and updates can be downloaded from: http://downloadcenter.netgear.com/


You will also find that the modem will connect automatically with the default login details, and to gain access to the internet you will need to bypass the registration portal. If the device has not been registered yet, you will need to register using an alternate computer. 


To bypass the registration process you need to:

- open the Connection Manager and make sure that it is currently disconnected

- hold down the shift key while you left-click on the Options button (cog icon)

- click on the Diagnosis tab and tick the box that says: sign up for this device has been completed

- click on Apply then the Accounts tab

- enter your BigPond username and password

- click Okay and then Connect


The latest Connection Manager can be downloaded from: http://www.telstra.com.au/business-enterprise/help-support/software-downloads/index.htm



I hope this helps!


- Shelly



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