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Mobile internet account advice

We currently have a dongle internet from Telstra with usage levels that can be changed once a month if desired and wiht no excess usage charges. 

We travel a lot so the dongle can be used in our desk top and lap top computers depending on where we are. 

We have now bought a tablet and it does not have the slot for the usb dongle.  It has a micro usb slot that is used to recharge the tablet suing the computer  and an attachment that plugs into 240v sockets.

I thought it would be handy to have something like a wifi hotspot so we can use any item we wish.  I did go into the Telstra shop and was shown a device like this, but was told that would have to be plugged into a powerpoint to recharge the battery.

We are often using 12v power so to recharge it I would need something that plugged into a cigarette lighter socket while we are travelling in Australia.

The staff there are very pleasant but did not really explain what I could do or not do.  They did refer me to **bleep** Smith where I ended up buying a wifi device with 1G free usage on a pre-paid plan.  This is not what I wanted at all but at least I got something I could use to set up the tablet.

Is there anything that can do for the long run? I don't want to have 2 separate internet accounts as it would cost too much.  I cannot keep asking people who cannot explain what could be done.  There is a communication misunderstanding.

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Re: Mobile internet account advice

Hi Rosemary, 

Unfortunately I'm not aware of any devices that come with a Cigarette Lighter Socket sorry. 

However, with the Mobile Broadband WiFi Hotspots, you could look at getting a Micro USB Cigarette Lighter Charging Cable like this one:

That would then allow you to charge the device. 

Or you could just plug the device into a computer with the included USB cable, which would provide a direct internet connection to your Computer, and charge the device at the same time.

Also, depending on your contract, you could look at cancelling your USB device, and starting a new contract with a BigPond Mobile Broadband service that has the Hot Spot instead of USB device.


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