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Moving Pre-Paid 4G WiFi modems to MyAccount

I have 10 x 4G WiFi Modems we use in our company for use at mutiple off-site locations. 4 of them are registered in my Telstra MyAccount, and am able to pay with vouchers.


Because my credit card has been used for recharging 3 devices already, Telstra will not allaw me to use the card to recharge the others. On the advise of a phone support at telstra, I purchased multiple vouchers at a Telstra  store.


Now I find I can't use vouchers to pay for Pre-Paids unless they are registered in MyAccount, which I cant do because I dont have an account number or bill number, only a service number.


Short question, how can I find the account number of a service number so I can register the device in MyAccount?

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Level 1: Cadet

Re: Moving Pre-Paid 4G WiFi modems to MyAccount

Got all my answers at 24/7 chat (https://livechat.telstra.com/TCOM:MySmiley Tonguere-PaidSmiley Surprisednline ) Very helpful.They did it all from their side.

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