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NBN - dongle and usage required

Hi all,   I’m hoping someone can assist.   I have been working off a Telstra Huawei 4GX dongle for 2 years to run my computer, iPad, music and TV.  Since the NBN as installed locally in August everything either slows down or drops out.  I don’t have a fixed phone line and don’t want one.  Do I need to connect to the NBN or do I need a better dongle?  I’ve had problems with the NightHawke one previously.  I also think Telstra has sold me too much capacity on my plan, which is a data plan large whatever that means (included 91831.32 MB ). I am the only user, I maybe watch TV for 2 to 3 hours per evening, listen to music maybe on weekends the rest is laptop or iPad, I am retired so don’t need it for work).  Can anyone advise me please.

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Re: NBN - dongle and usage required

The Large data plan includes 200GB of data and costs $75 the next one down is the medium plan for $50 per month which includes 60GB of data. If you are using 91831.32 MB (92GB) per month then you are best staying on the Large plan. Streaming movies even for a few hours a day uses a lot of data. HD video uses 3GB of data per hour and UHD video uses about 7 GB per hour am retired and use over 300GB per month. Due to my high data usage could not afford a mobile connection and am connected to NBN. 


The installation of NBN should not effect your mobile broadband service. There might be a fault on the network causing the dropouts. What model is the Huawei 4GX dongle?

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