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Netgear M2 antenna port not working

Help! My modem isn't registering input from external antenna anymore.


I've had my Netgear M2 modem for a few months using one external antenna and it's worked fine. It gets our reception to around 103dBm 


Today it seems the external antenna ports have stopped working - it's not taking input from the antenna.

- reception was stuck at 125dBm whether the antenna was attached or not

- the modem is working fine. I could get 109dBm in a different location without antenna 

- the mobile tower is working. My phone reception strength is at normal levels(109dBm)

- I beleive both the patch lead and the antenna are working fine. I have a spare patch lead and spare antenna and the same poor signal happened when connected them I tried the other port with both antenna and patch leads with all combinations and same poor reception.

- I've checked for updates to the modem but it's up to date.


Any ideas?

Thanks 😊 

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Re: Netgear M2 antenna port not working

And I did a factory reset, but no luck.

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Re: Netgear M2 antenna port not working

Hi - do you remove the Netgear M2 frequently from the antenna and take the M2 out of home to use as a Hotspot? What is the antenna arrangement you have - is there a reason why you are not using both ports connected to one antenna to provide you with a 4G MIMO connection? 


This video clip comes from a specialist RF Shop company in S.A. who know their stuff - the presenter explains how RSRP signal strengths can vary on the Netgear M2 if the connector is not connected properly to the M2, he also shows how the RSRP worsens if no antennae are connected to the mini connector coax adapter cables, then improves if one is connected and then both connected. He also had a bad reading when the TS9 connector which was not inserted properly. You may wish to call him for advice if you still have issues.



PS: I have no affiliation with the RF Shop but have watched his video clips as a great source of education on 4G and 5G antennae technologies. 

Support Team
Support Team

Re: Netgear M2 antenna port not working

Hey there! If you still needed some technical assistance with this one, I'd suggest getting in touch with our faults team, you can chat with them online here:  https://tel.st/2hncv

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