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Netgear MR5100 - Broadband Disconnected Issues

Hi, anyone having issues or been able to solve the Netgear MR5100 Broadband Disconnected issues?


I have had 2 Netgear M5 (MR5100) modems just stop working in the past 2 months. Both of them work fine the first couple of days and then when you power them down and bring them back on they just say "Searching". Under settings it says broadband "Disconnected".


I have tried factory reset, sim change, warranty swop and getting no support from Netgear (although there are couple people out there reporting the same issues). On Friday Netgear support told me the Netgear device supplied by Telstra does not have a valid serial number (supplied by Telstra.....).


Telstra store told me if I don't like the idea that my $700 Netgear device does not work I should open a complaint and ask for my money back. Would much rather have a working device 🙂

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