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Netgear Nighthawk M1 Ethernet Issues

Hi all,


Been having issues with my M1 Device. NBN was supposed to be enabled in my area back in December last year, but still is unavailable now, so this Telstra 4G is the only option I have here for the internet - this device needs to do my whole house. 


Most of my house is hooked up via Ethernet, and a few devices don't have wifi at all, so I've been connecting this device to another router's WAN port.


So far I had ton's of issues with that setup at stock, basically devices may or may not connect / recognise, and then everything might randomly drop out. I then grabbed the latest firmware and enabled the IP Passthrough. This worked better, but still had the occasional internet dropout which required a few unplugs and restarts to get everything to recognize again.




after one of these dropouts I now cannot get the Ethernet port to work at all, whether connected to my pc or connected to the router (both variations have worked before). So I factory reset the box, but still nothing!


I've tried a few different cables (all of which work fine connecting between my switch and PC) and the wifi of the M1 works fine. This device is such a nightmare, why can't it just work properly!!!


Any help with the Ethernet port would be great.



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Telstra (Retired)

Re: Netgear Nighthawk M1 Ethernet Issues



Welcome to CrowdSupport.


The issue you have with the Ethernet Port almost sounds like a hardware failure.

Are you able to take the device to a Telstra Store for assessment?

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Re: Netgear Nighthawk M1 Ethernet Issues



Same issue. Obviously many, many people have this problem. Visit the Telstra shop - same usual blank stare from the 'tech'. Do you seriously think that this can be a simple hardware issue across so many users?


Incredible approach by Telstra (usual experience). Advertise a 'premium product' at a premium price, promise the world in terms of usability and then out of the box - doesn't work.


How can company not field test a product as simple as this, before roll-out? The Australian way. 



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Re: Netgear Nighthawk M1 Ethernet Issues


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