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Nighthawk M1 expensive for something so unreliable

My M1 is more than a little unreliable. Frequently shuts itself off, runs out of power despite being plugged into the mains.

I'm paying $150 a month for this and using it as home broadband (no other option when I bought it). When it works it's great, then it does random stuff and it's not great. 

I took it in to the store and they fired it up and said yeah it's working.... despite being told the issues are random and generally difficult to recreate on demand. 


I'm not going to pay the break contract fee (about 1800) but I don't think this is working as sold to be honest - and I'm feeling a little hard done to. There's nothing in the manual or contract saying free auto reboots or shutdowns when connected to power. 

The Netgear forum is covered in posts on the power problem so it looks like the charger/firmware is flakey 


Any thoughts here on getting this stabilised? Or should I be talking to Telstra about a cancellation/different service???


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