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Nighthawk M1 Mobile Router portable drive dropping out

Hi all

I recently purchased a Nighthawk M1 Mobile Router from Telstra on a plan, since this I have been trying to get the movie streaming function to work properly as this is the main reason for the purchase, the data is only a secondary (used for the kids to stream movies in the car).

The box seams to keep losing the connection to the USB drive regardless of what unit I use. All have been formatted to FAT 32, it does not matter the size or type of drive, it just keeps losing the connection. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

On another note does anyone know why it will not work with NTFS, or if there is a way to make it work with NTFS. It is beyond my understanding why it does not as the online manual I read states that it will work with NTFS.

Must say that I am very disappointed with this unit as it does not do what I was told it would do without a great deal of effort, this is my last attempt at getting it to work before returning it to Telstra.




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