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No internet - fixed wireless country NSW

live and run a business in country NSW.  We use fixed wireless for internet.  External elevated antenna pointed at the tower, Netgear nighthawk connected to that antenna.  Usually works OK, with 2 bars of 4G and download speeds of over 4mbps.  Not brilliant, but adequate.

Over the last couple of weeks and today (Friday 19 March), despite having 2 bars of 4G I have effectively zero internet.  I am sending this using a second satellite based connection (thank goodness we have that as a backup).


Could you tell me if there is an outage in the 2810 postcode area of NSW.  The tower we point to is located at Crowther, between Cowra and Young in NSW.



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Re: No internet - fixed wireless country NSW

Just for clarity, your setup it Mobile Broadband (you just happen to be using it in a fixed position). Fixed Wireless is an NBN Connection type.


The 2810 postcode covers a lot of ground and the only tower that I can find that services any of that area that has an outage at the moment is at Forbes.


Your best option is probably to send an email to with your address, phone number a description of the problem and the location of the tower that you are pointed at (there are 2 towers in the general direction that you indicated, so I don't know which it is - you can look them up at

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