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No NBN for my property

We have just been informed that the fixed wireless NBN, just turned on in our area, cannot be received at our property (poor signal strength even though the neighbours have got it). This means that we will need a 3G connection for the forseable future. My question is twofold, Firstly has Telstra stopped providing ADSL upgrades to Rims to provide reasonable internet for those who cannot get the NBN? And do you still sell Mobile Broadband internet gateways for fixed wireless at home?

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Re: No NBN for my property

Is that poor signal for the NBN with or without an antenna being installed?  I have been told that the NBN can install an antenna to boost the connection.


If that information is wrong please let me know as I live in an area where the NBN Fixed Wireless is being installed and there are many people in our area that would require like they do for 3G an antenna to get signal.



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Re: No NBN for my property

The installer spent 1.5 hours at the property, climbing on house roof, shed roof and generally around the yard. It was for an external antennae installation.

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