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Pannawonica 4g data

I am living in the remote mining town of pannawonica. On my days off I try to do a lot of online gaming but despite my efforts the internet seems to not work 80% of the time!


i was on adsl but up to 10 times a day the internet would just cut out and I tried upgrading to a Netgear nighthawk router still to no prevail. Everytime we called up Telstra told us that there was certainly no problem with our internet and my initial thought was yeah sure, internet is just meant to randomly stop when it feels like


so I decided to make the move to 4g, and it started off amazing! But now every 2nd week, the connection seems to be absolutely disgusting. Reaching pings of 300ms on Perth based servers and it’s currently doing that as we speak


im sick and tired of getting no support and the day I don’t have to deal with it, I will be one happy man

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