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postpaid (4g) sim in prepaid modem?

i currently have a prepaid nextG elite wifi hotspot. i would like to move to a postpaid plan. can i use my old hardware with the postpaid plan sim? i dont see the point in buying the new 4g hardware given i'm nowhere near the 4g coverage area and dont anticipate it being available before NBN is rolled out in my area.

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Re: postpaid (4g) sim in prepaid modem?

I think the postpaid broadband products are only under the Bigpond range, I think you'll find that the SIM and the hardware are paired, not sure the SIM from those offers will work in your existing modem, I know it doesn't work the other way at least, someone like Ben or Drat might be able to confirm for sure when they see this, they are both far more knowledgeable on this stuff than me
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Re: postpaid (4g) sim in prepaid modem?

Yes, devices and sims are associated to each other for BigPond devices. You can get postpaid mobile devices under the Telstra range but I believe they are for business customers only. If you had a BigPond device trying to authenticate, it checks both the IMEI and the IMSI (device and the sim.)


Boson, the 3G range is still avaliable and I believe they may be cheaper too. Hope this helps.


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