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Pre-Paid AND Post-Paid SIMS in 4G USB modem - what connection software?

At differing times I use either a postpaid (supplied by my employer) or pre-paid (mine, for personal use) in my Sierra Aircard 320U device, on a Mac (OSX Mountail Lion).


There seems to be two Telstra supplied "connection managers" to support Post or Pre-Paid:




Offering a version 3.12.20222

Filename: tucmosx-tmb-3-12-20222.zip




Offering version 3.10.20131

Filename: tucmosx-pp-3.10.20131.dmg


Do I need to install both to enable support of both account types?

Do they co-exist without issue (they are different version numbers)?

Anything else I should know?


All support greatly appreciated.

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Re: Pre-Paid AND Post-Paid SIMS in 4G USB modem - what connection software?

not sure on the Mac aspect but I've used prepaid SIM's with the postpaid connection software, the shortcuts to account management I would guess would be different but I have never used those anyway, on one PC I just have the drivers installed and deleted all the Telstra branded stuff and use the built in connection management software in Win7 instead, works faultlessly, not familiar enough with Mac's but they could probably do something similar
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Pre-Paid SIMS in Postpaid 4G Wi-Fi modem

I have disconnected my postpaid 4G Wi-Fi broadband modem service and have successfully used a Telstra data sharing sim card in the modem while the postpaid service was active.  The data sharing is an ancillary service provided through my postpaid Telstra "Accelerate" mobile phone plan which enables the Accelerate Plan's data allowance to be shared between my phone and the Wi-Fi modem.  I therefore no longer need the postpaid Wi-Fi plan.  However, the Accelerate Plan's shared data is limited to 1.6Gb per month.

I expect the need to purchase more data, which can be done through the Accelerate Plan by purchasing data packs, but may prefer to use a prepaid sim card.  I would only purchase a Telstra prepaid service but wonder if I would have to unlock the postpaid modem in order to to use a prepaid sim card?

If I have to unlock the modem, how would I go about doing so?

Thanks in anticipation. 

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