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Pre-paid mobile broadband - how to get SIP registration / VOIP working



Have a TP Link Archer MR200 with a Telstra pre-paid 4g SIM, most things are working really well except for SIP registration (likely due to NAT port forwarding).  I purchased this yesterday in an attempt to provide emergency internet connectivity for a client with a faulting ADSL connection (PSTN line repair in progress).  Research has shown several other people discussing the solution to NAT port forwarding on the 4g pre-paid is to use the telstra.extranet APN (profile GPTEXB3).  Out of the box the SIM is using telstra.intranet .  Have tried changing this to a static value of telstra.wap (connects but still can't use SIP - same problem as telstra.intranet) and telstra.extranet (doesnt connect - device indicates disconnected).


Spent 1h 53 minutes this morning on the phone to Telstra pre-paid mobile broadband support, passed around to different departments, no one seemed to know how to resolve the issue.


What changes need to happen to be able to use SIP over this pre-paid mobile broadband SIM?  On a side note it should probably be mentioned on the marketing material that pre-paid mobile broadband doesn't support NAT port forwarding out of the box and how to fix it.


Is there a config change which Telstra can make to enable this, who do I need to contact?





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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Pre-paid mobile broadband - how to get SIP registration / VOIP working

Something in the back of my mind is saying that you need a Mobile Broadband business account to access the telstra.extranet APN. Almost 100% sure that you will not be able to access it using a prepaid SIM.  And you are correct, prepaid does not allow port forwarding.

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