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Pre-paid sims in postpaid 4G Wi-Fi broadband modem

Pre-Paid SIMS in Postpaid 4G Wi-Fi modem

Apologies to all who notice that I posted this subject under another subject heading.  i replied to a slightly different topic instead of creating a new post.  The advice about how to do so appears to be outdated and now that I've figured it out want to reach a wider number of "Supporters" than might have been the case.

Here it is again!


I have disconnected my postpaid 4G Wi-Fi broadband modem service and have successfully used a Telstra data sharing sim card in the modem while the postpaid service was active. The data sharing is an ancillary service provided through my postpaid Telstra "Accelerate" mobile phone plan which enables the Accelerate Plan's data allowance to be shared between my phone and the Wi-Fi modem. I therefore no longer need the postpaid Wi-Fi plan. However, the Accelerate Plan's shared data is limited to 1.6Gb per month.
I expect the need to purchase more data, which can be done through the Accelerate Plan by purchasing data packs, but may prefer to use a prepaid sim card. I would only purchase a Telstra prepaid service but wonder if I would have to unlock the postpaid modem in order to to use a prepaid sim card?
If I have to unlock the modem, how would I go about doing so?
Thanks in anticipation.

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Re: Pre-paid sims in postpaid 4G Wi-Fi broadband modem

Services purchased under contract ARE NOT LOCKED. Only prepaid subsidised devices (like when you get the $99 hotspot which is normally like $300 for example) are locked to the Telstra network. Even then you can still put ANY Telstra SIM card into the device.


Couple of things to take note that might help with your "Data share" question...

$200 buys 12GB for 365 days on Prepaid...

 1GB per month for $16.66


1GB data pack on a billed service is $15 and shared between all the services on the account.

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