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prepaid broadband activation problems

"Activated" my pre-paid 4g USB - wifi online on thursday around 5.30pm.  Received email that would be activated within 4 hours.

When it wasn't active by Friday morning - called Telstra and was told that it would be activated within one hour.

Friday afternoon - called again - no would be activated within 24 hours of the original activation time.

24x7 chat - no that's wrong, may take 24- 48 hours to become activated.

Today 24x7 - no that's wrong but " good news since it will be processed now by a specialized team."  "It will be reprocessed by the specialized team with in 2-3 business days"


ie if this information is correct then it may take nearly one week for it to become activated and not the 4 hours I was led to believe.


Is being fobbed off with inaccurate or incomplete information acceptable?



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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: prepaid broadband activation problems

Hi Randomness00, 

To be honest it sounds like there has been within our systems stopping us from activating your device, that needs to be fixed by one of our Back of House teams.

Normally it is just a couple of hours up to a day to activate a new device.

Anything longer and there is either system maintenance occurring, or there has been an issue. 

Unfortunately as it's an internal system issue, we often don't have anymore information that we can provide, other than the time frame surrounding when we expect to have the issue resolved.

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Re: prepaid broadband activation problems

Thanks for your reply.  Still doesn't help me understand that why each time I contact Telstra I have had a different answer. 


Obviously there has been an issue that needs to be checked out by one the teams...annoying...frustrating...but that's life things go wrong.


What I don't understand is why I was told

- it will be activated in one hour

- no sorry it will be activated within 24 hours of the original activation

-no sorry it will be 24-48 hours

- no sorry it will be 2-3 business days from now.


I do not understand why the telsra support operators were trying to fob me off or even worse lie. 


Ah well I am sure the wait will be worth it with super broadband speed.....if and when it finally happens.....



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Re: prepaid broadband activation problems

This post may have saved me some time.


Same problem.  26 hours after activate request, promised within a hour (maybe 4), track my order still says In Progress on all aspects.


I'll just ignore it for a week and see whether anything happens.


I sure hope the phone calls and all aren't needed to unclog the system blockage.


Truth in advertising?


(I tried two ways to get this resolved:

phone 132200 etc.  Not helpful, it suggested activating online!!  Go figure.

livechat.telstra.com  service unavailable!

If anybody else is in the same boat...)

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Re: prepaid broadband activation problems

Level 1: Cadet

Re: prepaid broadband activation problems



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