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problem recharging pre-paid 3G Broadband in My Account

I have a pre-paid backup movile broadband service which has the phone number 04297XXXXX.  It has no credit on it but I keep the product as a backup.


I also have a pre-paid mobile phone service number 04076XXXXX (also used as a backup).  All of these services are accessed under Telstra's My Account page which is linked to a post-paid mobile service.


I am able to recharge the pre-paid mobile service (04076)  but not the braodband service (04297).  When I select the broadband service in My Account, and then select Recharge, the web page takes me to my mobile phone service (04076).  I do not want to recharge this.  I want to recharge the 3G broadband service.


I beleive the My Account site is not operating correctly.  I have had this issue for some time.


Any suggestions?



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Re: problem recharging pre-paid 3G Broadband in My Account

When was the last time you put credit on the Pre Paid Mobile Broadband?


If it has been more than 6 months it could mean that the number is now disconnected.


Any pre paid service that has inactivity of 6 months unless on a long life plan of some sort will be disconnected.


If this is in fact the case I am not too sure why the mobile broadband number is still showing in your My Account page.

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Re: problem recharging pre-paid 3G Broadband in My Account

The last recharge was middle of February this year.  The only way I've have been able to recharge this in the past is to use another www.telstra.com/recharge but I wanted to do everything from the My Account page where I can print out tax reciepts.


I am unable to do anything in My Account that pertains to the mobile bradband.


Oh well, I might just let the service disconnect itself and just get a mobile broadband pack when I do need one.

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