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Public IP address for Mobile 4G - option GPTEXB3



I am using 4G usb modem (connected via a Dovado Pro router) in our office as it is the only decent speed broadband available. I need to acquire a public IP address (dynamic is OK) for port forwarding to internal services.


Currently we are using the APN: telstra.internet with gives a 10.x.x.x (internal address) which is not suitable for port forwarding.


From "internet research" AKA Google, I have learnt that ringing Telstra and asking for a code "GPTEXB3" to be added to the devices SIM service, we can then use APN: telstra.extranet - which will assign a dynamic public IP address.


Can anyone confirm if this is still the case, and if so, a number that I can ring Telstra (from a non-Telstra service), as we do not have any Telstra phone services - only data.


I believe my device is a ZTE MF821


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Public IP address for Mobile 4G - option GPTEXB3

Call Telstra 132999, ask for business Technical Support, tell them you require NAT Port Forwarding for your business, get them to activate on your account the following Profile GPTEXB3

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Re: Public IP address for Mobile 4G - option GPTEXB3


Is GPTEXB3 avaliable for Small Business customers? ie personal ABN number






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