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Public IP Address using Mobile Broadband Servcies



I need to use a Telstra mobile broadband service to connect to a security system remotely. This requires a public IP address and port forwarding. 


I purchased a 4G USB dongle with a pre-paid SIM, however it seems I wasted my money as IP address using this service are not publicly accessible. Note, the IP does not need to be static.


I believe that I need to be able to use Telstra.extranet APN, which requires a specific code added/activated on your account. After speaking to numerous people I was told this was only possible on post paid services.


Before I sign a 2 yr contract i'd like to know for certain that what I need is possible. Also can I use the Telstra 4GX USB + Wifi dongle.




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Re: Public IP Address using Mobile Broadband Servcies

That feature is not available on prepaid and AFAIK it is only available for business mobile broadband plans

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Re: Public IP Address using Mobile Broadband Servcies


It is correct that the Extranet codes are only available to Business accounts.

The 4GX device you're using should be fine provided you're able to access the forwarding configuration in the device GUI.


- Matt

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