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I just recharged my pre-paid mobile broadband with a long life option. I had previously had a Pre-Paid Wireless Broadband  which was $180 for 12GB. I think that my last recharge automatically offered the then current plan which was the Mobile Broadband Data Pass which was improved value at $140 for 16GB. When I recharged again just yesterday via the recommended Telstra 24/7 app, the long life option offered was the same Mobile Broadband Data Pass and I selected this believing their was no better Telstra option available. When I looked on the web at the options available for pre-paid mobile broadband I find that the Mobile Broadband Data Pass option is about two generations of offers old and that the current offering (Pre-Paid Mobile Broadband Go) of $150 for 40GB is much better value.

Telstra pushes everyone to use this app but the app does not make users aware of current and inevitably better value offers. Offers can easily change a couple of times in the period of these long life offers of 1 or 2 years.

I wanted to raise this issue with Telstra and switch my credit to this current offer but of course there is no way to contact someone within Telstra to make this happen at present. Of course you can still change plans within the app but I would simply forfeit my new data and money.

I believe it is a bit deceptive of Telstra to not make users acutely aware of the latest offers when making a recharge through the app. Perhaps it is there but if it is it is certainly not in bold terms or obvious. Mobile data is very precious for all of us forced to work from home and it is frustrating that there is no way to sort out the problem at the moment.

If I have no way of moving my credit to the new offer before I start using it, I will have no option but to raise it with the TIO.

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