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Recovering account?

Hey, the other day my little bro got hold of my Telstra Elite dongle, and he broke it.....
So i went and bought the exact same dongle and i put my old sim card which is still working, tho it says i still need to activate my prepaid service, which i thought was activate the dongle so i did and it came up with select the main use fot this service and it comes up after that the 3 selections of what you have, and i selected the "I have previosly registered for my account" and i forgot my account so i ended up locking myslef out for 3 hrs...woot......so i was wondering how do you recover your account cause i cannot remember it whatsoever, or is there a way around this setup thingy???

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Re: Recovering account?

Hold the Shift Key and click on the Settings button. Should be a tab called Diagnosis, which you can then use to tick a box that says "this device is activated".


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