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Refunds on Prepaid

Hello, I have a Telstra 4G USB+WI-FI PLUS (mobile broadband) which I only use intermittently. It is on Prepaid. Last week I needed to use it as I was going away. I found it was not on my Accounts Page any longer and I needed to Activate it again, which I did. It still did not appear in my Account Page but I was able to recharge it by clicking the hyperlink in the email I received after Activation. I recharged it, but then found the thing wouldn't work. After much trouble shooting and lengthy telephone call to Support it turns out it won't run on Windows 10. However there is a work-around, you need some file/app/? added to the computer, the latest version of something or other. I followed the directions, but without success. The annoying thing is the modem was purchased brand new only last year when W10 had already been out for a while. I can't make it work and it's recharged. Can I get a refund or transfer the amount to one of my other services? Simple answer, the local Telstra Shop said Yes, but only if you recharged here in the shop. I didn't, I recharged on line. Why can't I get reimbursed? If yes, how? I can't find out. Incidentally it has not reappeared on My Accounts page, and when I try to add it I get message it's not an active number! Any help appreciated.

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