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Remote server access login failure MF60 telstra elite Prepaid modem

Hi all


I have been playing an online game using myprepaid ZTE- MF60 blue Telstra badged elite modem.

Early May it started failing logon attempts and now can not logon at all.

Server asks me for Username & pasword. After I enter them I get an error from server and thats it.


Have reloaded any software for game several times with no luck and posted problem on the game server with no solution.


The modem connects to Telstra.internet via the mobile network as I don't have a landline (due to the fact telstra won't swap internet plans without a penalty for getting out of my existing plan I have to wait for about a year to get landline ADSL)  I

took my laptop to my sisters to test on ADSL.


I still user laptop Wifi to connect to her modem (Telstra ADSL bigpond broadband) everthing worked great able to log onto game and play OK.


I now assume the game software is Ok.


My questions are 1) Any ideas what are the differences between Telsta mobile broadband & bigpond adsl broadband.

                             2) Why did it work great for several (maybee 6mths) and then give up in May.

                             3) How do I get it to work now.


I tried to telephone Telstra yesterday (which I try to Avoid). After 50 minutes and after talking to 5 people i finally got a tech (I think) who called me back. He was hard to understand but came up with lots of reasons which I had an answer for as I had already tried them but suddenly he was gone & never rung me back. So no solution.


Looking at programmes running I have a connection to a ***** .onlinehome-server.com and modem is Listening on a couple of TCP ports and that is where it stalls.












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Re: Remote server access login failure MF60 telstra elite Prepaid modem

The biggest difference between Bigpond and Telstra Mobile Broadband (assuming Pre-Paid or Business here) is that your IP address is different. I believe that its NAT-ed on the Mobile Broadband, so most port forwarding falls flat on its face.




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Re: Remote server access login failure MF60 telstra elite Prepaid modem

Hi Ben


Thanks for a reply I did not know what the difference was and have been trying all sorts of things to get around this but nothing works. 

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