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Ridiculous T Elite burn up rate

I have purchased a Telstra Elite prepaid wifi and am using an Apple Macbook Pro, internet usage is email and a bit of web surfing, minor Youtube usage, no music or movie downloads, no Skype etc, so nothing that I am aware of that would warrant a massive usage of the available usage of this device.


However I went through the initial data provided in about a week, purchased an extra 3G on Saturday and that was gone by Wednesday evening, with the history showing over 2G of usage in one day where the laptop was left on but only for email and with a forum sight left open, about 3 minutes of Youtube watching and various basic search activities.


How on earth could I possibly go through more than 2G in that scenario and over 8G in under two weeks when I don't download movies etc?


No one else has ben utilising my device.


This T Elite is a ridiculously expensive way to access the internet. 


Based on another message on this site I have turned off any auto updates (which were set to check weekly) but if the system has searched for and downloaded updates only twice (ie once a week over two weeks) how could that possibly amount to that much data usage?


Is there any way of gaining a credit for any errors that may have occured in download rate at the Telstra end?

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Telstra (Retired)

Re: Ridiculous T Elite burn up rate

Hi Larks,

Without knowing the specifics of what software is running on your computer it's hard to know exactly what has consumed the data.

General web browsing and emailing should not consume too much data. I would try to stay away from Youtube, especially the HD content which can use a lot of data very quickly.

I suspect you may have a program running in the background that is using up quite a lot of data. Turning off automatic software updating is a great start. Some software updates can be quite large - I currently have 4.2GB of updates pending on my Macbook Pro and I update frequently.

I would suggest downloading a network monitoring program which will tell you exactly when your device is using data. Some programs will even tell you which applications on the computer are consuming data.

I don't currently use one of these programs so I can't suggest one but I'm sure there will be others on CrowdSupport with some suggestions.

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Re: Ridiculous T Elite burn up rate

Thanks for the reply Luke. Though I get the impression that Telstra are very happy to prey on fools like me who are not IT savvy enough to know about hidden programs in computers that might be downloading unknown. I've never known it to happen before buying this T elite product, though I've never had a Macbook before either.
Do I have any recourse on the ridiculous cost that I've already been stung with to stay pin line over the past two weeks or so?
I can't see it being viable to stay with this product any more than necessary once I can find an alternative.
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Telstra (Retired)

Re: Ridiculous T Elite burn up rate

Hi Larks,

If you've just purchased a new Macbook this could be the cause - they do run a number of automatic firmware updates the first time the device is connected to the internet to ensure the software is the latest version.

If you can sort out the background downloading that appears to be taking place, the product sounds like it will be well suited to your internet usage habits.

I am sorry but I am not sure regarding recourse - perhaps give our Pre-Paid team a call on 13 22 00.

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Re: Ridiculous T Elite burn up rate

Have you had a look at your account online? This might break down the charging for you a little better. I can assure you, not everyone who uses these devices has the same experience. You can probably solve alot of issues by simply turning the device off while not in use. As far as credits, you could discuss the issue with anyone in our prepaid accounts area. It will be up to the consultant whether or not you receive any credit.


This amount of usage sounds like a torrent program to me. You say your not downloading music/movies etc, but if you ever have, uninstall the program you used to do it. Just drag it into the trash from the Applications folder and restart the Mac.

I'm glad I can offer help, but please note all posts are my personal advice or opinion and do not necessarily reflect the view or policy of Telstra.
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Re: Ridiculous T Elite burn up rate

Larks wrote:
Though I get the impression that Telstra are very happy to prey on fools like me who are not IT savvy enough to know about hidden programs in computers that might be downloading unknown.
Sorry, but legally, ethically and commercially Telstra and other mobile and/or broadband network service providers do not have any obligation to secure and/or manage the operating environment of your IT end-user equipment (including computers, tablet devices, and smartphones handsets) for you, just by selling you a mobile/broadband network service, irrespective of your level of IT knowledge and expertise.


I think it is grossly unfair to accuse service providers of preying on customers who don't understand what their own equipment (including the software running on it) is doing, specifically in regard to using billable data traffic.


If the network service provider installed the wayward software on your device so that it would consume billable data traffic without your knowledge and outside of your control, that would be a different story. However, what your Macbook does in entirely outside of Telstra's control, and Telstra is not privy to why or how your Macbook is downloading data over the mobile broadband service. I don't see why you would think Telstra has any responsibility in that regard.


There are people and organisations out there who offer their services (either for commercial considerations, or free of charge) to users who deem their IT expertise is not up to the tasks the latter wish to undertake, so anyone who is “not IT savvy enough to know about hidden programs in computers that might be downloading unknown” may want to consider seeking that kind of help, and pay for it if need be – all without the network service providers taking their cut in this endeavour.
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Re: Ridiculous T Elite burn up rate

How can I check how much credit I am using with my Elite and how much I have left?

I also think they have a very quick usage rate.

Not overly impressed with it. If I could find a better way I would as I am online student and cannot afford the amount of credit I am going through with my course.

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