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Server DNS not resolving via Telstra Network

Just over the last few days a website access problem reaching has come up. The error message received by those trying to access is  ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED.   The common denominator discovered is that all reporting the problem have been trying to access from Telstra IP addresses over mobile devices.  The problem occurred all of a sudden from 29 January 21.  Investigations hinted it may have been a Telstra IP incompatibility with the site running through Cloudflare servers (from time-to-time this appears to happen, and I have read it's only been resolved by Telstra re-setting its servers and intiating different IP addresses!).  For example, per here:


However, even after disabling Cloudflare and repointing the site's nameservers to the origin servers, nameservers resolving and caches being cleared, the ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED problem is still occurring via the Telstra network. It has otherwise been validated that access via other network providers, eg Optus, is NOT a problem.  


I have no idea how to reach out to anyone in Telstra to get this resolved.  Any clues??  I use the Telstra network on my own mobile but via a Woolworth's mobile account.  Trying to work through any of those channels seems impossible.

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